Multichannel by nature

Our goal has always been to turn each contact between a company and its customers into a positive experience and a business result. We have been pioneers in starting up multichannel contact centers, and we extended consumers’ experience from telephone to digital channel (mail, text, chat, social media) delivering industry’s top-ranking quality standards.

We are the name of the game for digital operations

In Italy, we are the market leading company for digital customer care services. In 2015, we managed more than 50 million interactions with customers through (steadily growing) digital channels in automated mode or through specialized agents. Our team of contact management experts is prepared to customize our solutions and service processes to satisfy our clients’ requirements at all times.

Large European presence

Our operation centers are located in different European areas, based on criteria such as proximity to relevant clients, availability of qualified human resources, language skills, cost-effectiveness, high standard of logistic and technological infrastructures, accessibility. We have centers in Italy, Croatia, Tunisia, Albania.

Top class highly trained resources

All our operation centers are prepared to work in multi-channel mode: voice, chat, text, email and social network, so as to provide the finest standards of service to end consumers.
Our operational employees and management staff are selected through severe criteria and constantly receive training sessions on communication, sales and customer care processes, as well as on specific service contents of our customers’ application domains.

Our range of services

Our outsourcing services managed by our operation hubs through any contact channel are targeted to provide assistance and solve problem, achieve business results and offer a brand-new customer experience.

Multi-channel customer care
Assistance to web chat and video chat selling
Multi-channel complaint management
Credit recovery and compliance with business policies
Appointment management
Technical assistance on digital channels
Customer experience monitoring